The following pictures shown are CO2 LightScalpel laser frenectomy Tongue Tie cases at Stonebrook Pediatric Dentistry. The release providers were Dr. Bhaumik and SPD team.

Patient was a 3 days old Newborn. Mother/baby had a painful/difficulty latching. Baby was struggling to put on weight. Also presented signs of clicking when on bottle, swallowed excess air which resulted in bloating and spitting up milk. Mother was referred to a International Board Certified Lactation Consultant prior to tongue tie release. Post operative pictures show to the right were taken seconds after CO2 LightScalpel Laser Release. Baby did not require Craniosacral Therapy for this case.

Top Left: Lip Tie-Before
Top Right: Lip Tie- After Release
Bottom Left: Tongue Tie-Before
Bottom Right: Tongue Tie- After Release
Top Left: Tongue Tie- Before
Top Right and Bottom Left: After Release
Bottom Right: 1 Week Follow Up Visit (Tissue Healing Well)

Patient was a 5 year old male. Past history of difficulty latching as a baby but no signs of speech delay. Mother received ENT recommendation of removing tonsils due to chronic allergies, snoring and difficulty keeping mouth closed when sleeping. Parent was hesitant on having child go under general anesthesia. Based on clinical findings Dr. Bhaumik recommended MYOFUNCTIONAL (OMT) THERAPY and lingual frenectomy to address tongue tie. OMT was utilized to improve tongue posture at rest/sleep. Long term goal is that by improving tongue posture and promoting nasal breathing/closed mouth breathing, child’s tonsil size will decrease and improve airway. Child displayed immediate improvement in tongue mobility.

Patient was a 6 year old female. Patient was undergoing speech therapy and was referred to Stonebrook Pediatric Dentistry to evaluate tongue mobility. Dr. Bhaumik diagnosed a posterior tongue tie. SPD coordinated with a Speech Language Pathologist/Myofunctional Therapist for a pre tongue tie release consultation. Tongue Tie release was performed and patient had immediate improvement in tongue mobility. Parent suggested improved speech articulation.