Dr. Bhaumik performed a lingual and maxillary frenectomy for my son when he was 4 weeks old (he had a tongue tie and a tight upper lip). The staff and Dr. B were very thorough and caring. They had a cozy private room with rocking chairs and a changing table, and I was able to nurse my baby in this room privately and comfortably after his procedure. The procedure was very quick, and my son’s recovery was easy. He slept for most of the day afterwards and wanted to be held, but didn’t need any pain medication and he nursed well right after his treatment. Dr. B demonstrated the stretches/exercises to do and answered all of my questions. He even called that evening to check in and see how my son was doing. We have noticed many positive results already (sleeping longer, nursing more efficiently, less fussiness, baby now able to stick his tongue out, etc). I am glad we had the treatment done and would recommend Dr. Bhaumik and his team!