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AFTER (SPRIG Zirconia crown by Dr. Bhaumik)


If Dr. Bhaumik recommends to you that your child needs pediatric dental crown, you may wonder why it’s necessary if they have never had one before when they’ve had a cavity. Typically, a simple filling can be used to repair your child’s lost tooth structure after a cavity, but sometimes, if too much time has passed, then the cavity size may simply be too extensive to be fixed with a filling, and a crown is indicated. Large sized fillings tend to fail (fracture) in children.

Reasons for a Dental Crown

There are quite a few different reasons that would cause your child to need a dental crown. Here are just a few of them:

  • Broken or Fractured Teeth – If the tooth is broken or fractured, it can allow bacteria to colonize the tooth much more easily. A crown will allow you to seal the tooth from bacteria that allows it to protect itself from decay.
  • An Old Restoration is Lost – Unfortunately, old crowns and fillings have a lifespan. If your child has lost a crown or filling recently, their teeth can likewise become very vulnerable to decay and cavities. A crown may be the best option for patients who have lost an old restoration of a tooth that is already significantly damaged.
  • Your Tooth Has Extensive Decay – If your child’s tooth has extensive decay,  a regular filling won’t be enough to restore the integrity of the tooth for the lifetime of the tooth. The filling may fracture or develop microscopic openings via which a recurrent cavity develops!

No matter the reason for getting a dental crown, our team here at Stonebrook Pediatric Dentistry will speak with you about your best options when it comes to restoring your child’s teeth. As always, Dr. Bhaumik provides a FREE cavity consultation.  If you are in our surrounding neighborhoods: Frisco, Little Elm, The Colony or Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, please contact Stonebrook Pediatric Dentistry today to book a consultation!

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